If you have blemish-prone skin, don’t ever put anything on your skin or hair without checking it for comdedogenic, or pore-clogging ingredients (the ingredients that clog your pores)! Remember even if it says “noncomedogenic”, “oil free” or “won’t clog your pores” on the label, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on your skin. There currently are no governmental regulations in respect to this subject. Always check for the comedogenic products ingredients before using any products on your face or in your hair to minimize chances of breaking out.

We made it very easy for you to check pore-clogging ingredients in your SKIN, HAIR and MAKEUP products. To do this, you should enter the full name of your product and add 'ingredients' at the end. Copy the ingredients deck and insert it in the field below. Hit 'Check' and get the results.

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List of pore-clogging (comedogenic) ingredients: