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For those who don’t know me, for many years I kept a low profile, avoided publicity, and practiced my craft in my small, inconspicuous studio in Beverly Hills. I worked and i didn’t talk much about it, feeling it would somehow devalue it. I never wanted my voice to get lost in the plethora of voices on the skincare market because I knew the results from both my practice and products spoke for themselves.

My product range grew over time, and in it, customers can find all they need to target their skin issues, from acne to aging, and in between. I intend to keep perfecting the selection and continue to stay science and research-based.

My intention is to keep my products affordable, artisanal and to work on sustainability. By sustainability, firstly I have in mind to not have the look of the product be more important than the quality of the product itself. We talk about recycling, but often we do not mention overspending & over-purchasing (wasting), which is one of the most unsustainable, detrimental practices today that directly affects consumers who carry the cost of the extravagantly priced packaging. Also, my products last a really long time (well most of them).

"My skin had a complete transformation when I started using [Biba de Sousa's] products. I am so grateful for her."

-Billie Eillish, VOGUE MAGAZINE

I practiced esthetics from an early age. We had beauty rituals at home when my dad was away which was often. My grandmother was a chef and a herbalist. For me, it is natural to “know” so many facts about the herbal world and their applications. My mother was a very vain person and i accompanied her to all her appointments and treatments which is how I fell in love with the beauty industry. Even though I never suffered from acne myself, I was a devout facial client from the age of 14. I just loved the atmosphere of a beauty salon. Beauty is many things, as we’s about wellness, mental health, self-care, immunity, healing, and community...a lot of cultures have hammams where people can escape daily stress and scrub the fatigue and worries off, and a beauty salon in the USA is our version of those “hammams”. 

"It became clear that my love of hands-on disciplines fused into one: the art of touch, the art of giving a facial treatment and sculpting clear, beautiful, healthy skin."


I am a modest person, and I don’t talk much about my personal life. But I will share that while approaching my big career decision, I studied Law, Art, and Language (I am fluent in five ). My family was against me entering the trade professions, but despite that, I eventually did, and I learned so many interesting disciplines: flower arranging, cocktail crafting, international cooking, furniture restoration and upholstery, decorative painting, photography, and of course, Reiki, acupressure, esthetic sciences, and alternative health approaches… I was very much into immersion and the adventure of learning, not worrying about the fiscal reality of the low-paying jobs that both my parents and society emphasize. The truth is, that one can always make a good living when they are passionate about what they are doing. Finally, it became clear that my love of hands-on disciplines fused into one: the art of touch, the art of giving a facial treatment and sculpting clear, beautiful, healthy skin. And now, even more...empowering customers around the world by showing examples of skin self-care and connecting with them via my products and manifesting wellbeing and joy.