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The Hydrating Bundle for Normal to Dry Skin

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Valued @ $249.00 Packed with humectants, hydrators, emollients, and anti-pollutants, this kit is a must-have collection for our dry skin connoisseurs! From the gentle cleansing, and hydrating effects of the toner followed by the iconic skin-repairing Cream Barrier to weekly maintenance with the Herbal Gel Mask, this bundle provides a hydrating routine for a lifetime! Because of the Cream Barrier, this bundle is not recommended for acne-prone skin types. 

This bundle is designed to help our customers build the best and easy skin care routine. Gentle cleansing will cleanse off the makeup and impurities but not strip the skin oil and leave the skin taut and dry. Our fabulous Hydrating Toner t imparts lipids and hydration to the outer skin layers, and is followed by our iconic Cream Barrier that helps maintain healthy skin barrier by thoroughly hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Additional hydration is added by the Herbal Mask, which is a perfect solution for weekly or daily skin rehydration and revitalizing, or it could be used overnight for a more lasting hydration.

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