A best-selling daily foaming cleanser with a blend of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and gentle exfoliating beads that will instantly refine the skin surface by thoroughly removing makeup, skin oil and buildup of the dead skin cells. Delightfully scented with uplifting notes of citrus essential oil blend, makes it pleasant for continuous daily use. 

Biba's Notes

Product Highlights

"I only use this now!" 

-Eunice Coeshaw 

"This facial wash really cleans my face and I love the texture and scent (smells like citrus fruits). I find I don't need to use as much as my other facial wash as a tiny bit of this is all you need each time. Rub it together in your palms and it suds up really nicely. I would definitely purchase this again. Would love to see this come in a pump form for easier dispensing though. Thanks Biba!"

How To Use

Daily Cleanser is suitable for daily use, and it also works well if alternated with non-exfoliating cleanser.

With clean hands, wet your skin and then apply cleanser to the facial area. Gently massage your face in circular movements for a few seconds, then rinse and pat your skin dry. Follow with your toner and other skin care products in your regiment.

  • To get the most benefit from the cleanser with these active ingredients, lather up and leave the cleanser on the affected area for 20-30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. If this method causes skin dryness or irritation, do not repeat and rinse the product off immediately after cleansing..

  • For external use only If irritation occurs, stop using and consult a physician Avoid contact with eyes Use only as directed on unbroken skin


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