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Ultimate skin detox for acne prone skin


A product bundle designed for an ULTIMATE skin detox for those with ACNE PRONE SKIN 

THE WHOLE BUNDLE includes all recommended products to complete The BIBA Ultimate 3 Day Skin Detox (and is the perfect shortcut to a full new skincare regime)

  •  Small Micellar Water + Calming Zinc & Sulphur Mask + Mandelic Meta Serum +  Acne Wash + Glycolic Lactic Toner + Clear Choice Sport Shield Sunscreen + Charcoal Scrub + Glyco-c Thermal Organic Pumpkin Peel + Daily Moisturizer + Hydrating Gel Moisturizer + Gua Sha Facial Board 


USE YOUR OWN PRODUCTS FOR THIS HOME DETOX and supplement your own regime with one or more of these smaller bundles

  • The Essentials: 1 Small Micellar Water + Calming Zinc & Sulphur Mask + Mandelic Meta Serum + Glyco-C Thermal Organic Pumpkin Peel 
  • The Moisturizers: Daily Moisturizer + Hydrating Gel Moisturizer 
  • The Acne Fighters: Acne Wash + Glycolic Lactic Tonic 
  • The Skin Protector:  Gua Sha Facial Board + Clear Choice Sport Shield Sunscreen + Charcoal Scrub

This skin detox will not be as effective if your products contain pore cloggers. This is the perfect time to clean out your products. Less really is more. 

BIBA Los Angeles is free of pore clogging ingredients. If you would like to understand the ingredients in your products email and we will send you a list.



  • 3 days of Exfoliation, Masking, Massage and Organ Detoxification
  • In the absence of impurities, toxins, pollutants, and by exfoliating dead skin cells, it is possible to renew and restore your skin to its best health and look 
Objectives :  (This can apply for the face or the entire body)
    1. Removal of the dead skin cells that are built up on the surface of the skin and are creating rough texture, dullness and congestion through physical and chemical (acid and enzyme) exfoliation. 
    2. Reduction of skin pigment with Mushroom activated micellar water to lessen environmental impacts + serums that scavenge for free radicals and pigmentation damage 
    3. Lymphatic drainage through dry brushing + Gua Sha (facial massage) 
    4. Masking to nourish, calm + brighten the skin
    5. Hydrating and protecting with toners and barrier repair creams and sunscreens
  • Bonus Challenge :  Correlated Diet Detox 
    • Eat raw + vegan for 3 days + use digestive fibers am/pm
      • No sugar, alcohol, starches (flour, grains), meat & dairy.
    • Drink 3 liters/day of activated warm water (add lemon or unsweetened cranberry)
    • Colon Cleanse (we suggest Dr. Schultz's protocol)
    • Liver Cleanse (we suggest Gaia protocol)