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The skin consultation by biba


Personalized and efficient skin care begins with UNDERSTANDING YOUR SKIN.  

We all self diagnose, but alas we are not professionals trained to understand the many parts of a skin care routine for proper skin maintenance based on our skin type and complexion.

THE SKIN CONSULTATION by BIBA is, as many clients found, a LIFE CHANGING personalized assessment of your Skin, Product Regime, and Skin Goals by celebrity esthetician BIBA de SOUSA. 

It begins with a survey to fill out where you can upload photos, and share any concerns.
BIBA will compile a recommendation list and protocol for you.
The first month will include follow up for any questions that come up and then a check in to see your progress in the second month.  
Future consultations will be available for a reduced cost.

Introducing THE SKIN CONSULTATION by BIBA.  An opportunity for a detailed skin analysis by BIBA DE SOUSA.  Biba is a licensed esthetician with 20 years of experience treating thousands of clients with different combinations of skin issues, textures, and complexions. Her practice is one of the red carpet secrets of Hollywood; for years she has cleared acne and nurtured and nourished the skin health of her celebrity clientele to help them maintain clear skin and that perfect glow. 

I understand the psychological and emotional toll that comes from feeling that you don’t look your best the goal is to help you gain control so you become the MASTER of your own skin and eliminate spending time & money on wrong approaches.

“My modus operandi is that more is not more when it comes to your skin. My recommendations will come from a desire for efficacy and minimalism when suggesting skin care routines and do not at all require to use the BIBA Los Angeles product line (though I often find the best solutions within my collections to treat specific issues ).  “

My practice is founded on a science and research based approach : promoting non-comedogenic products (which I will teach you how to identify) holistically across all hair, makeup, and supplements; empowering you to embrace and understand your skin type, and finally choosing the right products for you but not in excess.  This is also the foundation for my BIBA LOS ANGELES product line which are all treatment room tested across thousands of clients and the foundation for my treatments.”

THE SKIN CONSULTATION is perfect for anyone who is CURRENTLY NOT HAPPY with their skin condition, can’t seem to CORRECT AN ISSUE that they are having or simply does not know where to begin WITH SKIN CARE.

This consultation will allow you to express any skin questions or concerns you might have and get real answers.  BIBA will assess your current practices and products, evaluate your complaints and come up with a plan to move forward TOWARD YOUR GOALS. You will receive updated information about skin care, including debunking myths that are circulated by consumer trends and recommend the correct product ingredients for you.
Together BIBA will help you on journey where she will empower you through
education and give you confidence to be your most beautiful self - inside and out.

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