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The powerhouses :: charcoal mask + zinc mask



Holistic Detoxifying Mask with CHARCOAL

This must-have mask contains black mud, which revives skin barrier that is depleted of nutrients and moisture and renews youth and clarity.

This holistic skin brightening mask is sulfate free and made of natural ingredients. It is safe to use on all skin types even the most sensitive. It will have a calming and brightening effect on redness and inflamed skin.

Charcoal detoxifies pollutants in the pores and clears impurities. Natural sugars restore comfort, lessening the tensions lines and wrinkles and offering barrier protection to your skin. 


Calming Zinc and Sulfur Mask

A customer favorite for fast relief from oily, congested and acne-prone skin. Use as a weekly mask or a spot treatment on all skin types.

Zinc blend balances oil and Sulfur calms the skin and reduces swelling and inflammation. The two minerals work together to calm inflamed acne and rosacea, including body acne. Regular use of this product will help reduce the appearance of an oily t-zone. 

Note from your facialist: No beauty product will remove clogged pores or any lesions where extractions are needed:) This mask is intended for oil balancing and calming.

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