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Mandelic toner


This fast acting toner instantly clears and brightens hyper-pigmented and dull skin. It has antiseptic and astringent properties (will reduce appearance of the oily T-zone)  and includes the AHA acids, mandelic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, and fight inflamed Acne breakouts.

Less irritating than other alpha hydroxy acids, MANDELIC acid is fast acting and brightening and great for exfoliating dead skin cells and lifting pigmented spots. Mandelic acid has unique antibacterial  and anti-fungal properties and combats inflamed Acne and Rosacea related breakouts.

This product is oil, sulfate and paraben free and can be use to treat adult facial and body Acne. 


ESTHETICIAN'S TIP: For the best result, woven gauze is suggested when using this product. Gently swipe saturated gauze over the face and jowl line. It may also be used for Acne on the back and decollate.



- Mandelic AcidA very gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Mandelic Acid addresses an array of skin problems such as photo-ageing, irregular pigmentation and Acne.

-Malic Acid - Alpha Hydroxy Acid known to support collagen production, skin elasticity and improves hyper-pigmentation

-Phytic Acid - Phytic acid is one of the gentlest of all the acids, mostly used as pigment inhibitor, and for it's ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or those with Rosacea.

-Green Tea Extract - Rich in polyphenols, antioxidant Green Tea reduces skin inflammation, and helps to slow the aging process by maintaining healthy skin tone and coloration.


All BIBA product are cruelty free, vegan, non comedogenic, phthalates free.