Blemish Control Starter Kit for Sensitive Skin


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Expertly formulated, this collection provides the most effective ensemble of products that will help you to safely achieve and maintain a blemish clear complexion, with controlled surface oil. The kit comes with four essential products for blemish prone, SENSITIVE SKIN : a cleanser, toner, hydrating gel and blemish control gel. All products are designed to work in synergy, and offset the drying effects of Benzoyl Peroxide. Additional skin care products are available, such as Daily Moisturizer, Zinc Sulfur Mask or Herbal Hydrating Gel Mask to further assist you on your journey to clear beautiful skin. 

Biba's Notes

Product Highlights

This system really works and has helped thousands of happy customers achieve clear skin. 

There are many moving parts to blemish clearing and all we ask from our clients is to closely follow directions and reachout to us if you encounter issues. 

Please note that products alone will not help if you continue to use comedogenic (pore clogging) products and consume foods or supplements that trigger breakouts. And once the skin is clear, you cannot return to old habits and comedogenic products because skin eruptions will most likely return.  

Use our PORE CLOGGER CHECKER TOOL to help you navigate through cosmetic product ingredients that are likely to cause acne.  


  • Please closely follow the pamphlet with instructions included in the package.

  • For external use only.  If irritation occurs, stop using and consult a physician.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Use only as directed on unbroken skin.


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