Mandelic Cleansing Duo


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Less irritating than other alpha hydroxy acids, Mandelic Acid is fast acting and brightening.  It is great for exfoliating dead skin cells and lifting pigmented spots.  Mandelic Acid has unique anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties that combat inflamed acne and rosacea related breakouts. 


A gentle everyday gel with Mandelic Acid and potent botanical that are perfect for all skin types including oily, acne-prone, and sensitive.  Its rich foaming, anti-inflammatory formula will cleanse and brighten the skin without drying or irritation.


This unique refreshing cleanser has Mandelic Acid that is derived from bitter almonds which help maintain a clear complexion and illuminates the skin surface without drying.  The Polylactic Acid Beads gently and effectively slough off dead skin cells and impurities to reveal fresher, smoother and invigorating skin. 

Biba's Notes

Product Highlights

Mandelic Cleansing Gel & Mandlic Scrub are a-must for anyone who is experiencing blemishes and uneven skin tone on the face, scalp or body. It is gentle, yet effective and safe for daily use as it will not strip protective skin oils. 


Depending on your exfoliating needs, alternate between the cleansing gel & scrub.   

  • With clean hands, wet your skin and then apply cleanser to the facial area. Gently massage for a few seconds, then rinse and pat your face dry. Follow with your toner and other skin care products in your regiment.

  • To get the most benefit from the cleanser with these active ingredients, lather up and leave the cleanser on the affected area for 20-30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. If this method causes skin dryness or irritation, do not repeat and rinse the product off immediately after cleansing.

  • For external use only If irritation occurs, stop using and consult a physician Avoid contact with eyes Use only as directed on unbroken skin


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