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Micellar water


A soothing, no-rinse cleanser that removes makeup and sweeps away impurities in one step.

Cleansing MICELLES are tiny molecules that grab and remove makeup, skin oils, pollutants, and ENVIRONMENTAL DEBRIS in one swipe!

There really isn't much this powerhouse can't do.


First Step of a Double Cleanse before Cleanser (which most of us need at the end of the day) 

Makeup Remover

On The Go - Day or Night ;)

Post Workout Cleanse


-Cleansing Micelles - Tiny round molecules that grab onto and trap unwanted dirt, pollution, makeup, and sebum gently lifting them away without irritating the skin

-Soothing Mushroom Extract - Bio-activated extract of two types of mushrooms designed to reduce both short and long term skin irritation and redness. Normalizes hyperactive skin, reduces skin sensitivity and irritation due to chemical and physical irritants, and virtually eliminates uncomfortable cosmetic reactions.

-BioFermented Polysaccharides - Combine soothing, protected, anti-microbial activity, allowing skin to look calmer, feel more pleasant to the touch, and become better protected against environmental and inflammatory aging. Minimizes redness and irritation caused by physical and chemical aggression.

-Trehalose - Nature derived from desert plants that protects cell membranes from extreme moisture loss, reviving softness and comfort.

-Allantoin - Soothing molecules that calm and reduce signs of redness.


All BIBA products are cruelty free, non comedogenic, phthalates, parabens etc. free.




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