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Acne starter kit for sensitive skin


Mandelic Cleansing Gel + Hydrating Toner + Acne Gel 2.8% + Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Our BEST SELLING Acne Kit, now for sensitive skin!  

Perfect for dehydrated, sensitive, and dry to normal skin. 

*Please review and  follow  enclosed instructions for use carefully

* Each Acne  prone skin responds to product differently. If you, at any point get too dry, flaky or irritated, do not panic - contact us for support. We will do our best to walk you through the process of the skin clearing. Acne cleaning is a team work!

Please use Sunscreen every day to prevent Sun damage.

Good luck,



All BIBA product are cruelty free, vegan, non comedogenic, phthalates free.

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