Within the skincare industry, it seems as if there’s always a new trend to try. Most recently, there has been a surge of interest in oil based products, particularly oil cleansers. Many skincare brands have swapped their traditional lines out for new products to keep up with the “oil cleansing” trend that has taken over the internet. You may be wondering what the hype is all about, and even questioning your daily skincare routine. Lucky for you, we’re here to bust the oil cleansing myth.

Beauty expert and celebrity esthetician, Biba de Sousa believes oil cleansers can cause more harm than good. “In my practice, I’ve only seen troubles with oil serums and cleansers. Clients got acne, eczema, severe dehydration and blotchiness,” Biba said. And if you think about it, it all makes sense. We aren’t washing our hair or body with oil. We’re not even washing our laundry or dishes with oil! So what makes us think that we should be using it on one of our most sensitive areas, our face?

The skin is an intelligent organ that regulates many functions, such as protecting your body from dehydration by producing oil. Biba explains that “once you start applying oil on the skin, you are signaling to the skin to stop producing oils because there is already an excess of oil.”

If the goal is to keep your skin hydrated, why are these oil cleansers taking over the market? Biba believes that unfortunately, many of these brands were founded by people who were seeking a marketing angle and had yet to see the real effects of the trend. In a need for brand positioning, they jumped on the bandwagon, without actually having an opportunity to work on customers' skin. “I too, for a second, experimented with an oil based cleanser, that even had surfactant in it, but gave up on the idea very quickly, as it was not cleansing the skin as it should,” Biba said.

The good news is that when used correctly, oils serve a purpose - and a great one, at that. When mixed with the right solvent, oils are tremendously beneficial for your skin. Many skincare products include oils in their ingredients, including some of Biba's best selling products. 

Incorporate oils into your daily skincare routine, the right way, with these 3 products.

Esthetic Underground Organic Herbal Hydrating Gel Mask - This mask offers gentle, organic, delightfully scented hydration for all skin types and includes Tangerine Oil, Neroli Oil, Organic Ylang Ylang Oil, Organic Petitgrain Oil. 

Daily Moisturizer - A lightweight botanical moisturizer perfect for daily use on all skin types created with Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange) Peel Oil. 

Onerta Hand & Body Lotion - Just a dab of this hand and body lotion will provide deep moisture for the hands, feet and entire body. Created with Safflower Seed Oil, this lotion keeps the skin soft, hydrated and calm by fighting off free radicals that destroy the skin’s natural moisture barrier.