If you have been following the latest TikTok trends in the beauty and skincare space, you may have stumbled upon the gua sha facial tool, which is bringing in over 432 million views on social media channels. However, the gua sha facial treatment that rejuvenates your skin and contours your facial shape is not new by any means. It is a centuries-old, tried and trusted beauty secret that helps you get that obsession-worthy glow.
Our gua sha tool for the face is highly-rated for its effectiveness and for how it makes your skincare routine all that more relaxing. It’s truly the gift to purchase for your loved ones who want to step up their skincare gua sha game.

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A Centuries-Old Origin Story

While the importance of adding a gua sha facial massage into your beauty routine has only become more relevant in America over the past few years, this technique and tool has been used since the Ming Dynasty in China and played a large role in traditional Chinese medicine skincare. By making sure energy is balanced for healthy living, stone and crystal tools similar to the modern gua sha were used to fight off illnesses in ancient China. This was done by reducing inflammation by guiding this energy into a free-flowing pattern throughout the body meridians, otherwise known as "performing gua sha." With positive therapeutic effects, it is a form of self-care that does not require anyone but you to continue on with your beauty routine. It's safe to say that history has shown that gua sha works!

Gua Sha Face Tool Benefits

The benefits are endless with gua sha. These gua sha facials reduce puffiness in the face and minimize the appearance of the age spots by dispersing pigmented lesions, smoothing wrinkles, and offering help with skin overall elasticity by releasing fascia.
It is important to mention that the use of gua sha tools at home promotes lymphatic drainage and is an incredibly helpful and easy way to maintain beautiful skin, attain sharper cheekbones, and help to maintain proper blood circulation for a healthier you. That's the best therapeutic massage for your skin that you can do yourself, at any time, at any place. The gua sha facial tool is extremely easy to pack and carry and use when on vacation or a business trip, for example. It is also easy to perform this ancient healing technique on someone else, which can make for a fun spa session with friends or an addition to a romantic evening.
The gua sha facial tool is pleasant to use. Not only does it rejuvenate and contour the face and neck in addition to stimulating lymphatic drainage, but it also can relieve facial muscle tension and provide emotional benefits of the self-care treatment and massage in general. It's also known for drastically minimizing fine lines.
One of our satisfied customers, Amy, spoke about the improvements she saw in her own skin from using the BIBA de SOUSA Gua Sha Facial Board:
“I love this little tool! I use it almost every night for a few minutes while watching TV. I can notice a huge difference under my eyes. The puffiness is almost gone! My overall complexion is even, and my cheekbones are much more defined! It’s also extremely relaxing at the end of a long day. So glad I found it!”
The Gua Sha lifting tool has multiple health benefits besides just providing a better skin glow. Lymph drainage massages have become very popular for their health benefits in improving the flow of the lymphatic system while aiding those suffering from bloating, puffiness, muscle tension, and discoloration. Gua sha stones for the body are used by Acupuncturists for improving Rheumatoid arthritis and other health issues, to help naturally stimulate energy and blood and lymph flow.
With increased blood circulation and improved immunity, the gua sha facial lifting tool helps with lymphatic drainage and, therefore, is helpful in the prevention of lymph nodes from swelling and causing discomfort and pain.
Rooted from the Chinese words for “scratch” and “sand,” gua sha tools help refresh the skin by scraping away the toxins that cause redness or “sand” on the skin. The rubbing and lifting of skin with stone tools, like gua sha stones or a bian stone, help ease wrinkles as well as jaw tension and provide a healthier glowing complexion. Facial tension is predominantly found in facial muscles and with visible pores, worry lines, and suffering skin. This tension shows up more than tension in our back or shoulders. Therefore, this facial massage helps to relieve the pain you are experiencing in the face and neck regions.
Dr. Sheel Desai Solomon, certified dermatologist, has spoken about people’s experiences after one treatment of gua sha, and the potential benefits it can have on your skincare routine: “Just as our bodies experience stress in the form of shoulders hunched over a computer, or headaches from tension, our faces hold stress in the form of furrowed brows and clenched jaws. Facial gua sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. It helps break up fascia, the connective tissue that hugs muscles but can sometimes interfere with optimal circulation.”
Gua sha is not just used for facial massage techniques. It can also be used to help with neck, shoulder, and back pain. There is also evidence that shows, when paired with other forms of therapeutic techniques, like acupuncture, gua sha practices can help tame insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, sinuses, and other pain symptoms.

Utilizing The Gua Sha Facial Tool

Ready to aim high with flawless skin and contoured angles? First, start with a clean face. Luckily, we have the one-step process to not only rinse away your makeup but also clean any impurities. Our Micellar Water does double the work for you by utilizing tiny cleansing micelles to remove makeup, skin oils, pollutants, and environmental debris with one swipe of the cleanser. Both cruelty-free and essential oil-free with no formaldehyde, parabens, fragrance, oxybenzone, and other impure ingredients, this is the perfect grab-and-go-cleanser for your skincare needs.
Next, you will want to add a protective layer using a non-comedogenic to prevent abrasions. Online, you might read or see that demonstrations show use of oils, but we don't recommend this. This can have damaging effects on the skin surface. We recommend using either massage cream or your regular face cream. If the cream absorbs fast, work in sections! Make sure that when using a gua sha facial lifting tool, you follow the instructions that are included in the tool kit for the best results:

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Cleanse Your Face

First, apply the appropriate serum that addresses your skin concerns. This might be a serum that inhibits pigmentation, calms the skin, boosts collagen production, antioxidants, etc. Let the serum completely absorb into your skin, and then add your cream to make the skin smoother for the gua sha tool, increasing the benefits of the treatment.
Shaobai Wang, MD, and Sonia Lee, DACM, Lac, spoke with NBC News and shared the best techniques for gua sha. The first step they shared was finding the right meridian to follow as a path for the gua sha stone. For a facial, using gua sha techniques, you follow the Stomach meridian to guide your path. Lee advises:
“Once you locate your body’s Stomach meridian, you can use that to guide where the gua sha should be on your face by drawing an imaginary line up. Then, work upwards and outwards, which means you are moving from the Yin side to the Yang side.”
“Once you locate your meridian, hold the tool flat against the face. Move the gua sha from your forehead and motion in an upwards direction, applying gentle pressure as you go. Then, move the tool to your cheeks, moving the device outwards from the nose to the ear in a sweeping motion.”
“The last step is to use the curved edge from the chin to jawline, scraping with gentle pressure. Once you reach your ear, make sure to balance out the process by completing the technique on the other side.”
We agree. The organ meridians should be respected for the best gua sha massage results. It is important not to press or scrape too hard on the skin. You may notice that Acupuncture treatments produce deep bruising and scrape marks, but leave that to the Doctors! Do not attempt to do any more than the simple, light, effective massage, as you may damage your capillaries or injure the skin with pressure that is too aggressive and hard.
The gua sha lifting massage should take about 5 minutes. Try to not overstimulate the skin. Doing this at-home massage regularly yet correctly (gently) is the right way, versus being too long or too aggressive. You will bring inflammation and heat to the surface of the skin if you spend too much time working with the gua sha tool on your face.

gua sha facial tool - Biba de Sousa Los Angeles

Choosing Your Best Gua Sha Stone

Since the process of gua sha is to stimulate the skin, relieve tension buildup, and clear your “chi” energy channels of impurities, there are many types of healing crystals, stones, and horns (these days, objects made of animal parts are really not acceptable) you can utilize with intention. Besides authentic gua sha tools, there are also plastic ones, and they are mostly used for the scalp or for the body as they are larger. We think that the gua sha stone is rare to find, so it’s best to go with your gut when selecting your crystal.

Rose Quartz

This crystal is known for its calming properties with a focus on meditation, reflection, and self-love. Empathy, inner peace, and the hope for budding new relationships are part of this crystal’s gift. It has a delicate pink and lovely color, resembling a rose flower.


Most commonly used throughout the centuries and by Chinese practitioners, this is the “lucky” charm of the crystal family. Prosperity in relationships and in career goals are part of the luck jade offers. Jade is said to be almost extinct these days, so be careful not to purchase gua sha tools that are made of stained glass imitating this crystal.

Clear Quartz

A master crystal with many uses, clear quartz helps you recenter yourself and reassess your goals with its healing properties, bringing clarity into your life. These types of gua sha tools are fairly rare on the market.

Building Your Beauty Routine

When building a beauty routine, it is best to stay consistent, learn what products, frequency, and pressure works best for your skin type, and make sure you are using products and techniques that you are comfortable with. Some techniques might not be best for everyone’s skincare regimen, and some people with couperose skin, open sores, poorer circulation, or diabetes would want to check with a medical professional before starting. Do not use a gua sha facial tool on inflamed acne, as you might spread acne bacteria even further.
By checking in with a professional or licensed practitioner, you can learn how to adjust the pressure and technique to best fit your needs. It’s best to receive the treatment to understand how it is done. It’s not hard at all, so do not obsess over details! And, that’s really what a perfect skincare routine is all about; building, readjusting, and analyzing what works best for you so you can put your best face forward.

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Our Gua Sha Story

It turns out that Biba de Sousa, our founder, was one of the first estheticians to bring the facial gua sha tool to the attention of the mainstream media. She studied with a Chinese acupuncturist from whom she was receiving health and wellness services. The effects of just one gua sha facial treatment were so astonishing, that she had to learn and adopt this technique in her then-practice.
Many press articles were published to document this event. For example, a C Magazine article was so correctly titled “The Best Facials Are More Than Just A Facial.” Here is why we wholeheartedly agree with this:
“The future of facials is here, thanks to aestheticians who target outer and inner beauty. Their results have A-list celebrities addicted to the one-two punch of holistic practices, combined with high-tech tools and techniques.”
And then, specifically, Biba’s techniques and clientele are noted:
“Emily Blunt and Alison Brie trust their complexions to Biba de Sousa, who understands the connection between nutrition and skincare, and is trained in reiki and seven different types of massage. Her custom facials at Biba Los Angeles include gua sha massage, acupressure, cryotherapy, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, and microcurrent”.
This was very rewarding for our company because Biba Los Angeles is founded by a skin expert and a working esthetician, not an impersonal, generic brand incubator or celebrity who hasn’t experienced these practices hands-on.
Here is the testimony that gua sha facial tools work, and they are also an affordable and easy at-home facial treatment:

We mentioned in this article that the gua sha tools are typically made of crystal. This being said, once you receive your gua sha tool for the first time, run a finger around the edges of the board to find any imperfections and chips. A damaged gua sha facial tool can scratch the skin.

Our second precaution is to not use an overly active serum under your gliding cream because you might inadvertently cause skin irritation. For acne and rosacea conditions, salicylic acid gel is fine, but benzoyl peroxide is not. We would also not recommend niacinamide with use of the gua sha tools for the face because it may produce intense redness and a tingling sensation. The amount of pressure used with tools should be light and deliberate, and the movements should be swiping in an up/outward direction. Do not swipe the skin down, as you will pull the fascia in the wrong direction. Lastly, we recommend careful handling of the gua sha facial tool. If it falls on the hard surface or tile, it will break.

Where to buy a Gua Sha facial tool?

By purchasing from Biba Los Angeles you are supporting independent research and a female-owned small business. The kit comes with a gua sha tool, a handsome protective bag, and a detailed instruction card with an illustrated chart that makes it comprehensive and easy to use.