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27 February, 2018

Microcurrent is emerging as one of the most popular methods for anti-aging and is being used in top spas and medical offices for facial contouring, toning and firming of aging skin. Microcurrent stimulates a dramatic increase in ATP (the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body) at the cellular level and also increases protein synthesis, which is necessary for tissue repair. Essentially, microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and is a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to achieve and maintain a healthier, younger looking appearance.

As a beauty modality, microcurrent has been around for a very long time. It was introduced in the 1980's by an Acupuncturist for muscle stimulation. In the beauty industry, anti-aging and wellness properties have been noted as the most visible positive side effects. As a result, microcurrent was adopted by estheticians as a must-have treatment option in their salons for cellular rejuvenation, facial toning and wrinkle reduction.

Today, it is quite normal that an esthetician has several modalities in her arsenal - models that have metal prongs or q-tips that are dipped in saline solution, models that perform body treatments with EKG pads, portable models, and for-home use gadgets that are being offered to clients for maintenance in between treatments.

There are many ways of utilizing microcurrent machines. The newest, most effective trend is to use them with masks as I explain in this recent microcurrent feature in New Beauty:




“We are now connecting microcurrent machines to the wet mask via EKG pads and leaving them on for 10 minutes. It intensifies the penetration of the ingredients and cuts down on the total treatment time, and the effects are better.” See full article here.




My heart has been set on the Neurotris machine for a while, and after a lot of research, I added it to my studio equipment a few years ago. I have been using it relentlessly. Instead of an hour of just microcurrent treatment, I add the microcurrent stimulation and contouring to almost every facial. The Neurortris device is a breakthrough in microcurrent technology because it is the first machine that is able to maintain the firm signature (wave signal) constantly by using patented nano and pico technologies. Simply put, it is the fastest and finest facial and body sculpting machine. There is not another machine on the market that will deliver such results in 15 minutes!

The Neurotris also has a built in body impedance meter, and I can monitor that the low microcurrent is being delivered at all times and evenly during the treatment, so that we deliver more signature, rather than more current. I also incorporate microcurrent into Acne facials because the current is in essence galvanic, and thus antibacterial. And definitely in wellness and anti-aging facials because of the incredibly rejuvenating end result.




But what does all of this mean to a client who comes in and lays down in the esthetician's chair? First, we must realize that our bodies are electrical and can conduct electrical current. By enabling cells to uptake essential minerals (magnesium, sodium and potassium), microcurrent helps production of cell energy (ATP). Microcurrent will re-educate the muscles and produce not only toned, sculpted, flawless skin, but also a profound sense of well-being.

There are many causes of accelerated aging: biological aging, stress, poor diet, health issues, pollution. The common denominator of all these factors is a TIRED expression and lackluster, dull looking skin, which generally makes one look older. Microcurrent not only contours and re-educates muscles but it also gives an overall look and feel of inner glow and balance. Here is an example how even on a more youthful person, the change in expression in her eyes is obvious, which we can categorize as 'inner glow'.




Anti-aging treatments today are not only about wrinkles, they also have a lot to do with the inner glow: expression of calmness, confidence, relaxation, health and harmony. Most of my clients are not interested in trying to look youthful by stretching and burning their skin with other treatments. They are interested in that ‘inner-appeal’ and sense of complete beauty, confidence and wellness. To maintain the effects of microcurrent, clients should also drink plenty of mineral water before and after treatments, and use quality skin care products rich in peptides, stem cells, masks, vitamins and anti-oxidants in general. Over the course of many years, I’ve gained this outlook on skin analysis: The most important thing is to make one feel and appear beautiful, followed by rejuvenating the skin and preventing it from aging. 

Feel free to comment or ask me any questions about Microcurrent technology and treatments, I'm always happy to answer!