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27 February, 2018

Since I was a student in Esthetician School, I realized that my career path would not involve giving simple beautifying or spa treatments. I knew that my practice would veer toward delving into solutions for complicated skin issues and, above all, achieving great skin care results.

 I learned about the acne  from the best: Dr. James E. Fulton, medical researcher, co-developer of Retin-A, and fellow acne sufferer himself. Thanks to his tireless efforts to combat acne, we (Estheticians) can effectively treat this skin disease without having to resort to medication. After attending numerous seminars, reading many books and publications on the subject, and trying out tons of different product lines on my clientele (who were happy to oblige), I got a strong grip on this persistent skin ailment. The end result is that I successfully treated and resolved acne for thousands of my clients. (See acne testimonials below!)




For acne sufferers, whether it is a sudden occurrence in adult life or something they have been dealing with from an early age, the condition is equally devastating to their quality of life, self-esteem and most notably in Hollywood where I practice, to their career. Acne lesions not only look unsightly and can be hard to conceal, but most importantly, they also itch and hurt. 



Acne is a hereditary condition in which the pores of the skin are unable to exfoliate themselves. 
Acne clients are genetically predisposed to the condition and have simply inherited their ancestor's acne type and duration. Men tend to have more intense acne breakouts in their teens that usually clear up faster, whereas acne seen in women typically subsides later in adulthood. Women can develop acne at any point in their lives, especially during perimenopause and in some cases of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

Being prone to acne however, does not mean that a person can't successfully clear their skin and live acne-free. Just like diabetes, Acne is hereditary, and although cannot be cured, can be successfully controlled.





MYTH: Acne is caused by bacteria or is a result of poor hygiene.

FACT: Bacteria plays a great part in the forming of inflamed acne, but acne is not caused by bacteria. This is why antibiotics are not completely successful in treating acne. 


MYTH: Chocolate and fatty foods can cause acne.

FACT: It is not the cocoa, it's actually the sugar and milk in chocolate that can cause acne. It is iodized salt in fatty foods that will cause acne, but not the fat.


MYTH: Acne clients should avoid makeup.

FACT: Makeup does not cause acne. Just like skin care products, not all makeup is comedogenic (pore-clogging and acne-exacerbating). Makeup products are not 'dirtier' than any skin care products, they simply contain pigment.


MYTH: Coconut oil will cure acne.

FACT: Coconut oil is wonderful when used in cooking, but using it topically will cause severe inflamed acne on most people. Much like Biotin, or simply vitamin B7, it is yet another consumer mega trend to be wary of. People in lands where coconut grows, never use coconut oil on their skin!






Here is the simplified cascade of acne breakouts due to stress: Prolonged exposure to stress causes secretion of stress hormones, which leads to insulin resistance and can cause certain hormones to overstimulate the secretion of skin oil (sebum). Due to overproduction of this oil, dead skin cells stick together in the pore and as result, comedones (blackheads) form in the (now clogged) pore. Bacteria that abundantly live in our microbiome find an opportunity to feed by sliding into the pore. The client has to take the proper steps and engage in a path of complete wellness to prevent what is right now manifesting as acne. Acne is a warning sign of the body's disapproval of stress!






Much like Jaclyn, it is important to stick with an effective acne regimen. Over time, and with help of my clients who were willing to try new solutions, I have developed an acne product line that effectively addresses all types and severities of acne. The key is the right combination for each skin type and condition. On my online store, I have simple yet detailed instructions for use on all products to achieve the most effective results. All products are tested in my treatment room and show positive results immediately!

The list of topics related to acne is endless: lasers, antibiotic, homeopathic medicine, TCM (acupuncture and herbs), pregnancy, sports, etc. Science in the acne field is advancing every day. I'm continuing to find new links and solutions to the Acne Problem and will keep posting/ blogging all the new discoveries and interesting information in this field.

The good news is clients and I can successfully combat acne if we join forces! As always, please reach out with any comments or questions. Happy to answer!




Another Biba West Hollywood Acne Treatment mention!


Honored to have been mentioned by Katherine Power, CEO, Clique Media Group on for my acne treatment: 'For facials, I go to Francesca Paige and Biba de Sousa at Esthetic Underground on South Beverly. Last year I went on a round of really strong I broke out with adult acne for the first time in my life—it was terrible. Biba really helped me through that, and she gave me this Esthetic Underground Acne Gel . The best advice I got from her was, if you have cystic acne, every night she would have me ice my face, basically rub an ice cube over it for two minutes, and then I would use this gel'. Thank you Katherine!




'I have suffered from severe acne for the past 15 years. You name it I've tried; thousands upon thousands of dollars wasted on top notch doctors around the country; laser treatments; several rounds of accutane; products with empty promises; hormone tests; extreme diets...nothing worked. By 29 my skin was a disaster: years of acne, deep scars and severe sun damage to cover up the acne. I didn't want to leave the house. My doctor finally admitted 'I don't know what to do anymore' and then one day everything changed. My friend who is a well-known beauty expert suggested I pay a visit to Biba. She said "Trust me. . she is a Goddess and she will change your life and your skin." I agreed (what's another $$$?) but deep down thought how could a facial change my skin after everything I had tried. The minute I met Biba I knew I was in good hands. She was kind, empathetic.. . she listened intently, and most importantly, she was a walking/talking encyclopedia regarding everything and anything skin related. I had never met someone more devoted and more informed than Biba'. 

L.K., West Hollywood

'I spent the entire session firing questions, Biba without blinking had the answers to EVERYTHING. It was unreal. Finally! Someone with answers. Someone who knew what she was talking about. By the time I left that day I remember thinking- 'this woman is going to change my skin forever.' I was right'. 

M. A., Los Angeles

'Investing in Biba is probably the best investment I have ever made in my life. Within just six weeks my acne was gone. By the third month I had a glow (I never had a glow!) people would stop me- what are you doing differently? Wow, the accutane is finally working huh? My answer was simple: Biba. She was (and still is) 100% committed to turning my skin around- ferociously researching products that were affordable and customizing each session to my situation. She was attending classes on new technologies to reverse the deeply imbedded scars; and referring me to other specialists in the world of nutrition and wellness that would all work in conjunction with her big picture plan. It's been just four months and I am a new person. I have confidence. I look people in the eye when they talk. I am healthy and I am happy and I feel pretty. I credit Biba'.

'I go back every other week to visit Biba knowing each time I leave I am one step closer to the skin I've always dreamt of having. Biba stays right by your side always accessible by phone or email with questions; she's like a mad scientist always searching and researching for the better answer all the while rooting you on and giving you faith that one day you will with time reach that 'goal.' She's a truly unique woman who not only transforms skin...she transforms lives'.

L.W, 29-years-old Los Angeles

'I had been suffering from acne since the age of 12. Horrible, annoying cystic acne that plagued my most formidable years. I went to a dermatologist for the first time when I was 15. I had spent years cycling through different dermatologists who prescribed me topical creams, gels, fruit peels, and a few doctors even insisted I go on regular doses of antibiotics to combat my persistent acne. I was once convinced that 6 months of Accutane would rid my acne once and for all. It didn't. All Accutane left me with was a pretty big doctor bill and a whole lot of horrible side effects.

Then one day I met Biba. We talked about my two decade battle with acne. She listened to my concerns. I felt really heard and understood. I started seeing her for facials regularly. She soon got familiar with my skin and put me on a "skin diet". With a very simple combination of self care and products, she rid the acne in no time. Biba patiently found the right combination of products for me to use on a daily basis. The regiment was simple and the results were amazing. I'm in awe of the level of commitment she has to her clients and the abundance of knowledge she has about skin care. She constantly educates herself to evolve as an esthetician and it definitely shows.'

-Laura F. Los Angeles